As a preliminary summary of your written assignment, your outline is a great tool for helping you to navigate through the writing process of your project, whether you are writing them for academic or nonacademic readership. Only students and writers who don’t know or appreciate the benefits of using outlines skip them in their assignments, but with repercussions. For instance, they find themselves stuck in a quagmire where they wonder what they need to say next, what their main points were, and why their writings are not making sense. Therefore, if you have been forgoing outlines, we have composed this post to help you see the many benefits you have been losing. Keep on reading to recover what you have been missing.

A Balanced Approach

In life, there is nothing as beautiful as balance. By outlining your work, you get into the best position of seeing the best way of distributing your ideas across your paper in a balanced manner. By using an outline, it is easy to discover what you need to remove or move to other sections of your writing task.

Write Clear Ideas

The second wonder that a great outline will work for your writing tasks is that it helps you to clarify your ideas. It is common to get intimidated by blank pages. However, by outlining your work, you can develop necessary courage to avoid the possibilities of running into a writer’s block. The reason is that your outline can act as a brainstorming tool for amplifying your ideas and developing more narrowed and specific thoughts from general declarations.

Achieve Better Organization

When writing, you need to balance between the two sides of the coin namely, organization and argonization (the passion to move on). It is great to approach your work with the argonization to push you through to the end. However, passion without order will lead to confusion since your readers will not make sense of what you are trying to tell them. A good outline will help you to organize your thoughts in a manner that creates a interrelated flow between various sections in your project.


Demonstrate Your Thinking Process

If you are a student or a freelance writer writing for a client who insists on seeing what you are going to write for them before approving your ideas, then this is one of the biggest benefits of using outlines. When a student outlines their work, it is easier for the professor to see what exactly they want to write about and make all the necessary recommendations on time. This way, it is easy to detect any lacking or mistakes that could have wasted your time and energy had you gone ahead writing without an outline. By discovering the weaknesses in your arguments, you bring yourself to a better position of fortifying your writing assignments so that your opponents do not get a stronger foothold to debunk your work.


When you write your assignments using an outline, it is easy to spot any gaps in the quality, quantity, strength, and relevance of your ideas. This way, it is easy to know what you need to add, remove, and adjust to make your arguments more cogent without having to start writing only to get forced to go back to your researching process to gather more materials. With an outline, you will be better placed to give your readers all they need to get in the task you are handling.


Do you at times ramble into trivia and forget your main points? If yes, an outline is a sure cure for this issue. One of the benefits of using outlines is that they help you to keep within a beaten path so that you write only what your readers need as opposed to what you know or feel like writing.

Write Faster

Your writing time is critical, and hence, you cannot afford to waste it on problems you could have solved by outlining your paper. By setting all your ideas before your eyes clearly, you can write your articles faster since you know what you need to include in the next section and paragraph. In addition, your outline will help you to avoid mistakes that could have forced you to go back and correct them. Additionally, you will write faster since the chances of running into a writer’s block that will waste your writing time.

Writing your papers or articles using an outline can make a whole difference between a great piece of writing and a mediocre one. In addition, it can make the difference between an enjoyable and wearisome writing process. We believe that the benefits we have shared in this post will open your eyes to the benefits of using outlines in your future writing processes.