One of the fields of my professional interest and service is resume writing. This document is your ‘face’ as a professional, bringing your experience, professional attainments, and education combined in a concise and visually appealing manner. It is the first (and sometimes the only) evidence of your fit for a particular job, so there is no space for mistakes! In a highly competitive labor market of our era, this might be the only chance to get your foot in the door of a prestigious company.

All in all, a resume is a “marketing tool” for your key product – yourself. A well-written resume attracts attention to your strengths and skills, causing the desire of a recruiter to invite you to a job interview. Think of it as an advertisement, and “sell” yourself to the prospective employer by making your skills, qualifications, experience, and personality stand apart from the rest of the applicants.

But the problem is that writing a good resume is always a challenge – praising and selling yourself is always the hardest. You often get stuck between being too humble and not showing the best of your talents in a resume, and overtly showing off. What’s the way out? You definitely need help writing a resume! This is where I can help you out.   

What Is the Service?

I can make writing a perfect resume easy and quick – as I can do it instead of you. My vast experience and qualification in resume writing allows handling all resume levels such as:

  • Entry-level resume (it will suit people without work experience, students, individuals starting their career, etc.)
  • Professional resume (meant for clients with 3+ years of working experience)
  • Executive resume (suitable for individuals applying for top-level jobs)
  • Military resume (a professional record for clients building military careers)
  • Career change resume (resume highlighting transferable skills for a smooth change of a professional occupation)
  • Federal resume (meant for applying for vacancies in the federal workforce)
  • CV (an extended form of resume required for academic/research positions)

I am also well-seasoned with writing different resume types depending on your needs:

  •       Reverse chronological resume
  •       Functional resume.

However, successful resume writing and job search involves not only the resume/CV completion. You should have a package of documents, which include:

  • Cover letter
  • Thank-you letter
  • Follow-up letter
  • KSA (the list of your Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities)

All this can be ordered here – separately or in one package (the latter is a great chance to save a couple of bucks on the order).

Types and Pricing

My prices differ by resume level and deadline – this is it. No complicated pricing calculations, no hidden fees – it’s as plain as 1, 2, 3. Check out all pricing here.

Resume level:

Resume only Resume + Cover Letter Resume package (resume, cover letter, thank-you/follow up letter)


$30 $40 $55


$45 $55 $75

Career Change

$45 $55



$60 $70



$60 $70


Federal $60 $70


CV $60 $70


Cover letter – $12

KSA – $15



4-7 days
Urgent 24-48 hours + 20%
Very urgent 12-24 hours + 30%

How to Order

The process is simple, just follow the next four steps:

  1.     Select the type of service you need
  2.     Fill in the contact form by indicating the resume level and urgency of your order
  3.     Receive a price quote for me
  4.     Pay the PayPal invoice
  5.     Review the first draft and comment on it
  6.     Confirm the final documents.

Working with the help of PayPal is fully secure for you and your funds, so your benefits as quality of the company and pricing of an individual.

Why Me?

In the abundance of professional resume writing services offered online, you might think of why hiring me is a good idea. Here are some benefits I offer to clients, which sets me apart from most online service providers:

  •       I am an officially certified CPRW writer (, New York, NY)
  •       I have 5+ years of experience working with several resume writing companies and private clients
  •       I charge less than companies do – as an individual working without middlemen
  •       I handle all tasks in an individual manner, focusing on your needs and personal situation.

This is what you may rarely get from resume writing companies having a large workflow and stamping resumes out ‘on the assembly line.’ I am a person working without intermediaries, which allows me to allocate more time to your materials and make an interview-winning resume with such elements and features as:

ü  A combination of impressive skills

ü  Experience perfectly tailored to the vacancy requirements

ü  Outstanding personality traits combined with solid work ethics

ü  Professional skills effectively translated into employer benefits

Keep in mind! A resume will not get you a job, but it will help you shine at the job interview. Hence, writing an impressive resume is a lucky ticket to a meeting with your prospective employer.

You Need This If…

Having a stable and satisfying job is not the reason to neglect updates of your resume. Sky’s the limit in professional growth, and there is always room for improvement. Hence, I strongly advise you to order a resume/CV and relevant documents to your package if:

  •       You have just been promoted
  •       You feel you can do more at your job
  •       Economic pressures in your industry imply the risk of being laid off in the near future
  •       You consider moving to a new place and looking for a new job
  •       You have received a new degree or diploma and wish to reflect it in your profile
  •       You have not updated the resume for over 2 years

Remember: you may be contacted by a recruiter at the moment when you expect it the least! Thus, always be open to new job opportunities – having a resume ready for handing in may give you a brilliant chance for a burning, attractive vacancy.

Check some of my prior works in the portfolio below