Dissertation writing is an unavoidable challenge for all postgraduate students. But if you think that not pursuing postgraduate education will save you from the pains of doing such extensive research, you are mistaken! Master’s and BA/BSc dissertations are also a natural part of higher educational process, and you usually get a task to write one when completing a major course.

Dissertations come out of different sorts, and each of them is individual – writing it for a Psychology or Health & Medicine course, you will still have to come up with fresh, original ideas and a scientifically valid method of solving the problems in your area. Those who want to know how to write a good dissertation should look at the following criteria:

  •         Identify an urgent, topical issue in your professional area
  •         Support that problem with recent, evidence-based research
  •         Propose solutions and ways of researching the issue
  •         Select a workable method for resolving the issue
  •         Collect and analyze primary/secondary data in accordance with scientific methods
  •         Make sense of your data, that is, discuss it in the context of prior research in the field
  •         Make sense of your findings’ value
  •         Give a concise, objective account of your study’s limitations
  •         Pinpoint further directions for extending your research and exploring the issue further.

Sounds quite a challenge, right? That’s correct, making a dissertation stand out is not as easy as writing a hundred of essays. The dissertation process requires time and commitment, hard work within one narrow area, accurate appraisal of resources, production of a concise theoretical and literature base for your study, etc. All in all, it can be exhaustive. Or is it only prejudice, and things are not so gloomy?

What Is the Service?  

I will be sincere with you – writing a dissertation is indeed hard for a newbie. Though it has always been perplexing me, many students find it hard to see the whole picture, select the problem, tailor a research method and instrument, and make sense of their data. You know what? There’s nothing to be ashamed of! We all have different talents, and if writing and research are not your piece of cake, then so be it. Just confess to yourself, “I need help writing a dissertation.” Good news is that I can help you out – and you will be able to get a decent score for it!

Dissertation services that I render to my clients include:

  • Proposal/Prospectus writing (for those who don’t know where to start – this document usually includes problem statement, some background literature search, research purpose/questions, proposed methodology, and significance. Enough to start from).
  • Chapter-by-chapter dissertation/thesis writing (or you may order only 1-2 chapters with which you experience specific trouble, for instance, Methodology or Results sections)
  • Full dissertation/thesis writing (if you lack time for collaboration and just need this done, I can handle all of it)
  • Data collection instrument (if you need to compose interviews or surveys for your study, I can help)
  • Interpretation and analysis of results (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Theoretical/Conceptual framework writing
  • Outline preparation (for those who want to write a dissertation on their own but need guidance and assistance)
  • Editing and proofreading of dissertations (I can both correct your text technically (grammar, syntax, referencing, etc.) and give more in-depth recommendations on content improvements)

Types & Pricing

Keep in mind that Master’s and PhD dissertations differ in the level of involvement and depth of research, so there is a difference in pricing. I also regard systematic/critical/integrative reviews as dissertation projects of Master’s level (this is what they actually are).

Normal (20+ days) Urgent (9-19 days) Very urgent (5-8 days)


$12/page $16/page


PhD $15/page $18/page


As you can see, the concept of URGENT is different for dissertation research, since it is a large paper anyway. Don’t postpone it to the last moment, and I will be able to make a really fabulous paper for you.

How to Order?

The process is simple, just follow the next four steps:

  1.     Select the type of service you need
  2.     Fill in the contact form by indicating the order’s specifics and urgency
  3.     Receive a price quote for me
  4.     Pay the PayPal invoice (via a secure PayPal.me service)  
  5.     Review the first draft and comment on it
  6.     Confirm the final documents.

Working with the help of PayPal is fully secure for you and your funds, so your benefits as quality of the company and pricing of an individual.

IMPORTANT: For your security and confidence in my integrity, I strongly recommend first-time clients to order dissertations on a chapter-by-chapter basis. To do so, please send me your task description and word/page count in the contact form. I will prepare an approximate chapter-by-chapter estimate for your work, and you pay for each successive chapter only after receiving and reviewing the first one. This way, you will rest assured that everything goes on smoothly, the quality of writing is up to your expectations, and avoid stress and frustration about paying a huge pile of money at once.  

Why Me?

Persuading you to order a dissertation from me may be not that simple, and I cannot give you any arguments but my experience in this field. Just look at some figures:

  •         200+ Master’s dissertations
  •         50+ PhD research projects
  •         100+ systematic/critical literature review projects completed
  • Top ranking in three academic writing companies for PhD/Doctoral research projects
  • Extensive knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research techniques
  • Intermediate knowledge of SPSS techniques (ability to perform calculations for quantitative studies)
  • Expertise with nVivo and other qualitative analysis methods
  • 100% client satisfaction (I swear, I never received a single negative feedback from a dissertation client!)
  • Ability to develop a concise dissertation project with a timeline and chapter-by-chapter plan to give you an idea of what the project will generally be.

This is what I can give, and it is up to you to decide whether to entrust such a serious task to me or not. But think of one more thing:

While you contact an academic writing company, they assure you that your dissertation will be immediately taken into work, which is not so! Companies spend time looking for a writer, and sometimes violate your deadlines if they can find none. I do not ask for payment until I am sure that the task is accomplishable. Hence, by working on a dissertation with me, you will always know that when you pay, you already have a writer!

You Need This If…

When can I be helpful? Turn to me if you have such issues as:

  •         You are behind the deadline on your dissertation project
  •         You don’t know where to start and how to write a good dissertation
  •         You have a general idea of the work but lack time/writing skills/enthusiasm
  •         You are not good at research methods
  •         You have poor written English skills
  •         You need any assistance with dissertation writing, at any step of its completion.

Even if you are stuck with a thesis or a dissertation, don’t fall in despair, there is nothing dramatic! Just contact me and voice your concerns, we may discuss all details and have the problem solved. Remember: of any dead end, there are at least two ways out, and one of yours is me.