Blogging is everywhere nowadays. Blogs, SEO articles, informative and amusing posts, social media posts, expert articles, guest posts… The list is almost endless – Internet is full of content, and every day, tons of new content are required to set businesses going. If you have an online resource of any kind, you need content for sure!

The days of articles tightly packed with SEO keywords making you the Google leader are long gone. Now both your readers and search engines appreciate only relevant, original, 100% unique, and timely content, and offering such is the only way to make it to the top ranking. Where to take quality, original articles to make your audience happy?

Content mills are definitely not an option; you can find good writers for a penny, but until you find them, you will spend a great deal of money and nerves on careless ‘writers’ producing spammy content. Unfortunately, too many people think that if they can speak English decently well, they are already professional bloggers and article writers. In reality, their products often look more than pathetic, and your time and money is wasted.  

What Is the Service?  

I can offer you well-written, professionally formatted and crafted content for your site, blog, or any other resource in accordance to your needs. I am still collaborating with several content-producing companies, and have a top ranking there, but why pay the commission to middlemen? You and I can save lots of money by dealing directly with each other – getting the same quality and punctuality in work done for you.

As a professional content writer with over 9 years of experience, I can offer you the following benefits of ordering content/articles from me:

  • Research-based articles (no spammy content, I always conduct preliminary material search and analysis even for small texts)
  • Original, 100% authentic texts (I use Copyscape for originality checks and supply only 100% original articles to clients)
  • Writing in accordance with SEO principles based on your keywords (you can find my SEO writing guide here)
  • Addition of URLs and anchors if you need them
  • Meta data production for articles (on demand)
  • I write articles both based on your given topics, keywords, and suggestions, and can also perform research and suggest topics for content for you (based on BuzzSumo and PostCron content suggestion tools)

As a result of ordering articles from me, you always get original and SEO-friendly content, meeting all requirements and standards of a professional articles writing service. If you are not satisfied with quality or want content adjustments, please turn to me for a free revision – I am ready to fine-tune the articles until you are fully satisfied.

Types and Pricing

I am a highly experienced professional on SEO-optimized content writing, with a huge number of interesting ideas for article writing topics and blog development. The price for your article depends on the volume of work needed – if the article is simple text, then the cost is $0.04 per word. If you give me SEO requirements, such as several keywords’ inclusion, use of anchors and links, references to external resources – then the SEO-optimized price of $0.05 per word applied. Here are more details for article pricing:

Normal (48 hours+) Urgent (12-48 hours)

Article writing

.04 per word

.05 per word

Meta data writing

$0.5 per article

$0.5 per article

SEO optimized article + anchors/URLs addition

.05 per word

.06 per word

SEO keyword research XXX


How to Order?

The process is simple, just follow the next four steps:

  1.   Select the type of service you need
  2.   Fill in the contact form by indicating the order’s specifics and urgency
  3.   Receive a price quote for me
  4.   Pay the PayPal invoice (via a secure service)
  5.   Review the first draft and comment on it
  6.   Confirm the final documents.

Working with the help of PayPal is fully secure for you and your funds, so your benefits as quality of the company and pricing of an individual.

IMPORTANT: If you know that you will require articles on a steady basis (e.g., 10-15 articles per month, or more), it is better to indicate that in the inquiry. I am offering discounts to returning customers up to 20% if we negotiate the volume of writing in advance. Check your discount by contacting me, and we’ll discuss your individual conditions.

Why Me?

I have been engaged with article writing for over 9 years thus far, and have tried numerous content writing courses and training workshops to boost my skill and improve my level of professionalism. My biggest inspiration comes from Strunk’s Elements of Style and Handley’s Everybody Writes. I read and study much, sharpening my article writing talent every day to deliver more value to my clients. Some of my selected articles have been published by reputable online resources such as ***

Thus, if you have been looking for a skilled and punctual content writer with a passion for writing and an original approach to content creation, here I am!

You Need This If…

  • You are an online business wishing to build strong online presence with the help of regular publication of professionally written, interesting, and informative content
  • You wish to increase exposure and build the online resource’s credibility
  • You need to generate more quality backlinks to your website via guest posting or a carefully crafted article marketing campaign
  • You want to get more visitors of the resource via SEO optimization of your content
  • You need to improve the visitors’ retention rate with well-researched, interesting articles
  • You wish to have new, fresh, just-on-time content without distracting any of your team members to that task, thus choosing articles writing outsourcing.

In any of these cases, you can turn to me to get the desired content for your resource. Contact me today to discuss the terms, and start publishing excellently written articles and truly engaging content tomorrow!