Writing is everywhere. You start writing at school, continue doing this in college, and proceed to much more complex and in-depth writing at the university and at postgraduate stages. Even after you graduate, avoiding writing is almost impossible – you have to study for getting a promotion, complete business plans and reports at work, publishing your research findings (if you are a doctor, nurse, or teacher), make plans and proposals to clients (if you are an engineer or designer), etc.

All those endless essays, reports, and critiques… The writing volume is overwhelming in the majority of educational institutions. Handling it without advanced writing skills and exhaustive study is impossible, and studying well without good essay grades is also unreal. With so much writing surrounding us on every corner of our lives, how can you deal with all educational pressures on time?

Here is some good news – I can help you out. Really, it’s that easy. As the name of my resource suggests, writing has always been easy for me, and I have chosen the writing career among many others to help students with academic writing. I have been working in 10 academic companies thus far, and still actively collaborate with 4 of them, providing writing services of different kinds. So you can order different academic assignments directly from me here, saving a huge sum of money for company’s overheads and receiving similar-level quality.

What Is the Service?  

Academic writing involves a large number of assignment types. I specifically work with the following kinds of educational assignments:

  •       Essay
  •       Coursework
  •       Research/term paper
  •       Annotated bibliography
  •       Reports
  •       Article review/critique
  •       Case study
  •       Admission essay
  •       Article
  •       Scholarship essay
  •       Personal statement

If you don’t find your needed type of assignment in this list, please contact me via Skype or e-mail and we’ll discuss it.

Please also keep in mind that I DO NOT work in the following areas:  

  •       Economics
  •       Physics
  •       Chemistry
  •       Accounting
  •       Math
  •       IT/Web Design/Programming
  •       Engineering
  •       Finance

I would be happy to help, and develop my expertise in these fields, but thus far, the most I can offer is writing a literature review or article critique on these subjects. More in-depth assignments require more in-depth knowledge, and I am honest with my clients – I don’t have it.

Types and Pricing

I try to keep things simple – for me and for you. For all writing types that I named above, my universal pricing is as follows:


Normal (3-7 days of deadline)

Urgent (24-48 hours) Very urgent (12-24 hours)
$10/page $12/page


How to Order

The process is simple, just follow the next four steps:

  1.     Select the type of service you need
  2.     Fill in the contact form by indicating the order’s type and urgency
  3.     Receive a price quote for me
  4.     Pay the PayPal invoice (via a secure PayPal.me service)
  5.     Review the first draft and comment on it
  6.     Confirm the final documents.

Working with the help of PayPal is fully secure for you and your funds, so your benefits as quality of the company and pricing of an individual.

Why Me?

I provide a huge range of academic writing services for those who really need them. As a specialist with 9+ years of full-time academic writing experience and work in a number of companies, I know exactly what you need from such a service, and can give it to you, along with additional benefits:

  •       Individual approach. I am a person, not a company, so I handle fewer orders and give all clients truly individual attention.  
  •       Full confidentiality and privacy. Your materials are passed to my e-mail and never get uploaded to writing sites. Nobody except me will see them and know who you are.  
  •       Low pricing. Companies need to pay to their managers, advertisers, and writers – and earn something. I don’t have that team of employees to pay to, so you pay a decent price for my service only.  
  •       Compliance with your deadlines and 100% completion guarantee. I do not take orders that I cannot complete – you pay for the paper only after I confirm that I can handle the task on time. This way, you receive a delivery guarantee absent in many academic writing companies.
  •       Professionalism. I have an impressive record of over 1,000 essays, 500+ research and term papers, 200+ Master’s dissertations, and 50+ PhD research projects. Your assignments are in reliable hands!  

As you can see, working with a person has many advantages over working with a company – similar quality for a lower price. At the same time, you have guarantees of order completion and our collaboration remains fully confidential.

You Need This If…

All of us need help at times, and even if you are a diligent student with a strong inclination to study on your own, at some moments you may find yourself thinking, “I am stuck, I need someone to write my essay” or “I have no time, please somebody help me write my essay.” Is that familiar? There’s nothing to be ashamed of – we all get in a deadlock at times!

So, you are surely the one who needs my assistance if you:

  •       Have a number of pressing assignments and cannot dedicate time to all of them
  •       Study and work part-time, have little time for essay completion, but cannot afford to drop out or retake the course
  •       Have a family and a job, studying to get a promotion
  •       Don’t possess strong writing skills and feel that writing is a torture for you
  •       Miss some deadlines but wish to have a steady academic record
  •       Don’t understand the essence of the assignment but wish an A grade for the assignment.

In all these cases, I can give you a firm helping hand – writing is my piece of cake, while you may dedicate time to more pressing or more pleasurable pastimes. Have a nap, go to a party, spend a night with your family in the movies. This will not hurt your scores, if I am working on your assignments meanwhile!