You have written an essay (or term paper, or literature review, or dissertation) – and it seems perfect to you. So many sleepless nights, so much research and writing… The work can’t be bad! But will your supervisor agree with you?

Unfortunately, after all the pains we go through, we sometimes become unable to appraise the written material objectively. We don’t see errors and fail to recognize the logical fallacies or absence of coherence in the text. Even though all of us know the criteria of tutors for each particular assignment, are we always able to go through them objectively and confess to ourselves that our writings lack some vital components for a good grade?

This is where I can help with my online editing service. As a detached expert with thorough knowledge of writing standards and quality requirements, I can go through a checklist and give a sober appraisal of your work. Moreover, I can fix some imperfections with paper editing and proofreading. Here, you can find professional paper editing help from an academic writer knowing all bits and bolts of the process, and able to see what you may fail to see in your own writing.

As for academic advising and consulting, it also involves you independent writing, but with my support in the most problematic areas. What to expect from academic research and consulting services like mine? Here are some things I can guide you through:

  • Finding an interesting topic for your study (of any level, from essay to dissertation_
  • Finding credible sources for writing a quality academic writing piece
  • Creating an outline for a structured, coherent text
  • Help with selecting the methodology / theoretical basis for a work
  • Outlining chapters together with a comprehensive material search
  • Assistance with structuring the entire study (i.e., making its mind map) for you to see the entire picture.

What Is the Service?

This type of assistance is purely supportive. You write, and I guide you throughout the process. Amount of my involvement and support varies depending on your individual situation, so please send me an inquiry via a contact form to discuss your individual terms.

Here are some examples of consulting I can render:

You need to…

Write a doctoral study but don’t know where to start. You have nothing at all. You need a topic, a method, a problem – all of it!

What I do is…

–          Study your discipline and propose you a list of 5-7 workable topics with a 2-3 sentence synopsis of the problem and method of research. $25

–          Once the topic is chosen, I compose a 2-3-page document with an initial research proposal with several methodological options. It contains objectives of the study, the target population, approximate instrumentation, and what you will get from the research. $40

–          After you select the topic and method, I can produce a prospectus/proposal for your study – this is calculated in accordance with pricing for Dissertation Writing.

You need to…

Start your dissertation research – your topic is approved but you do not have any structure and guideline in mind.

What I do is:

–          Provide you with an outline of chapters ($30 per chapter – detailed outline with headings and 1-2 sentence synopsis of what will be in each subheading)

–          Provide you with an outline of chapters with a list of 10 sources that can be used in each ($50 per chapter outline)

–          Prepare a comprehensive plan for the study (chapters 1-3, all ideas in the schematic form, methodological selection, some options for methods and instrumentation) ($100 for the plan for 3 chapters, $150 for the plan with sources for each chapter)

You need to…

Compose a systematic literature review. You don’t want to pay for the writing – you are ready to write it on your own. But you do not possess skills of systematic literature search.

What I do is…

–          Search for the sources fitting your assignment ($50 for 10-12 sources, each additional source $5).

–          Compose an outline for your methodology and search strategy ($50), with source suggestions if needed ($75)

You need to…

Write an essay. But you have no ideas in mind. No topics, no structure.

What I do is…

–          Study your field and propose you a list of 5-7 workable topics (with 1-2 sentences about what the essay may contain). $15

–          Make a simple outline for your essay (up to one page) – $10

–          Make a complex outline with subheadings and sources for the essay – $25.

Need something else? Please contact me and we’ll discuss everything. There are many things I can help with – the first step to getting timely and expert academic work consulting is to voice your needs and express the problem.

Types and Pricing

As I just told you, there are many consulting aspects, and each order is individual. So, you need to contact me first and explain your needs, and I will give you a quote. Depending on the type of service you need, you may count on the following price range:

Starting at

List of topics




Outline + sources


Source selection


Methodology/theoretical framework/dissertation chapter drafting


As for editing/proofreading, everything is easier here, and the pricing is standard:

Normal (3-7 days)

Urgent (24-48 hours)

Extra urgent (12-24 hours)

Proofreading (technical correction of format, referencing style, grammar and typos, subheadings, reference list)




Editing in accordance with supervisor’s comments (content adjustments, rewriting/adding parts of content)




In-depth editing (poor supervisor feedback, need to rewrite major parts of the content)




IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that in-depth proofreading for a dissertation is impossible within 12 hours, so for dissertation works, I have established different urgency estimates:

Normal (10+ days)

Urgent (6+ days)

Extra urgent (3+ days)

Why Me?  

My extensive research and writing profile speaks for itself; I can write quality pieces of academic writing and dissertation/thesis research or show you how to write them. By ordering this service from me, you will always get detailed guidance and advice for your own research. In such a way, you will have individual academic consulting and at the same time will walk your own path by writing the assignment on your own.

You Need This If…

  • You are stuck with the assignment at the very start, not knowing what to write about
  • You started postgraduate studies but don’t understand the process
  • You have drafted some chapters of your dissertation but have a problem formulating the methodology/literature review/instruments for data collection, etc.
  • You cannot find credible, authoritative sources for your study
  • You have written some parts of the paper but are not sure about how good they are
  • You have a draft ready for submission, but wish to have it independently reviewed for compliance with the educational establishment’s requirements.

I am experienced with all these types of assistance, so talk to me today via any of the available channels, and together we can figure out how to improve your ready text or set the research going.