Since I am an individual, I charge prices as an individual as well. It is beneficial for both you and me – you don’t overpay for the service that in reality costs not that much. I get decent payment for the quality service that I cannot get at an academic writing mill.

So, here’s how the pricing for my work is calculated – here are the simple and understandable mechanics for each service type.

Academic Writing  

This service is universally priced, no matter what other providers say. At least for me, they are generally the same in terms of quality and attention I dedicate to writing. Working with me, you can get an essay, research paper, term paper, annotated bibliography, article, report, article critique, book/movie review, etc. for a single price depending only on urgency:

Normal (3-7 days of deadline) Urgent (24-48 hours) Very urgent (12-24 hours)
$10/page $12/page $15/page

I can save you in the most urgent situations, and complete orders within an 8-10-hour deadline, but please do not forget that I am an individual, so I would still encourage you to contact me in advance and check my availability.

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Dissertation Writing

I have experience with both Master’s and PhD/Doctoral level writing – I cannot share clients’ materials for privacy and confidentiality reasons, but believe me – I won’t let you down with your Doctoral, PhD, Master’s, or any other postgraduate research. Keep in mind that Master’s and PhD dissertations differ in the level of involvement and depth of research, so there is a difference in pricing. I also regard systematic/critical/integrative reviews as dissertation projects of Master’s level (this is what they actually are).

Normal (20+ days)

Urgent (9-19 days)

Very urgent (5-8 days)


$12/page $16/page $20/page
PhD $15/page $18/page


As you can see, the concept of URGENT is different for dissertation research, since it is a large paper anyway. Don’t postpone it to the last moment, and I will be able to make a really fabulous paper for you.

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Article Writing  

This is a type of service not connected with academic articles – it is about blogs and Internet articles site owners and developers usually need in abundance. I am a highly experienced professional on SEO-optimized content writing, with a huge number of interesting ideas for article topics and blog development. Here are some figures for article pricing:

Normal (48 hours+)

Urgent (12-48 hours)

Article writing

.04 per word .05 per word
Meta data writing $0.5 per article $0.5 per article
SEO optimized article + anchors/URLs addition .05 per word

.06 per word

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Resume Writing

Here, everything is not that simple. The pricing here differs by the resume level and by the amount of work you need done. If you need an Entry-level resume and a cover letter and have 5 days for the task – or if you need an Executive-level package with all letters and an impressive KSA, that’s two different tasks with two different payments! Check the table below and make a careful selection of what you need done and when:


Resume only

Resume + Cover Letter Resume package (resume, cover letter, thank-you/follow up letter)


$30 $40 $55


$45 $55


Career Change

$45 $55



$60 $70



$60 $70



$60 $70


CV $60 $70


Cover letter – $12

KSA – $15




4-7 days
Urgent 24-48 hours + 20%
Very urgent 12-24 hours

+ 30%


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Academic Consulting

Another highly individual type of service. Here, you need to contact me first and explain your needs, and I will give you a quote. Depending on the type of service you need, you may count on the following price range:

Starting at

List of topics




Outline + sources


Source selection


Methodology/theoretical framework/dissertation chapter drafting


To get an idea of the price range, here are some examples.


As for editing/proofreading, everything is easier here, and the pricing is standard:

Normal (3-7 days) Urgent (24-48 hours) Extra urgent (12-24 hours)

Proofreading (technical correction of format, referencing style, grammar and typos, subheadings, reference list)




Editing (content adjustments, rewriting/adding parts of content)




In-depth editing (poor supervisor feedback, need to rewrite major parts of the content)




IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that in-depth proofreading for a dissertation is impossible within 12 hours, so for dissertation works, I have established different urgency estimates:

Normal (10+ days)

Urgent (6+ days)

Extra urgent (3+ days)