Creating a good website and hosting it on a great server is critical. However, the Net is populated with billions of websites that compete for the attention and visibility of online visitors. Therefore, it is necessary to make all types of efforts to ensure that your visitors can find your website easily. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tricks, you can help to boost the visibility of your site and make it stand out among millions of other similar sites. So, how do you connect to SEO demands? One of the ways of doing connecting to SEO is using SEO keywords. By using these types of keywords, you will make it easy for your prospective online searchers to find you in search engines.

However, search engines such as Google make frequent changes regarding the SEO criteria they use to rank websites. These changes have led to some people believing and arguing that SEO keywords are no longer important. If you want to differentiate the facts from popular myths, keep reading this post up to the end to learn more.

Why Do They Still Matter?

Since search engines, and Google in particular, are dynamic in the way they set their SEO ranking criteria, it is now a subject of debate regarding the relevance of SEO keywords. Some people argue that since Google removed these keywords from its list of parameters that determine SEO rankings, they became irrelevant. But a common-sense observation of the move clearly shows that Google has not banned their use or rendered them useless. On the contrary, they just lost a portion of their function on the Net. This means that they retain a certain degree of relevance for your users.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is the fact that search engines are becoming more sophisticated. The reason is that they are now paying greater attention to the meaning or intent of the keywords as opposed to when they used to pay attention to the mere use of these keywords. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to shift your attention to align with what search engines are emphasizing. With this, it is clear that SEO keywords still matter. The only question is how and why they matter, and not if they do.

They Matter if You Know Where to Use Them

So, do these keywords still matter? The answer remains “Yes” as long as you know how to use them advantageously. For instance, it is important to use your meta keywords in other critical sections of your articles. You can use them in your sub headers, image descriptions, and page titles because the placement of your keywords still matters as much as they do. However, the only safeguard you need to take to avoid eroding the value of the keywords is taking care so that you do not cross the line and fall into spamming.

They Diversify Your Approach

Amidst all the “expert noises” flying around and telling you that keywords “died” almost a decade ago, you can take a different approach and make the best out of them. If you want to prove just how much expertise is or is not in these “expert opinions,” you need to take time and ask why you still key in words in search engines and sites show up. In addition, you have to ask why these socalled experts still search the content they post on the Net. The answers you get will tell you that the problem is not a matter of relevance or irrelevance. On the contrary, it is all about the approach you give them. For example, instead of using keywords directly, you can use them as anchor text. The best way to do this is ensuring that your primary and secondary SEO keywords also serve as anchor texts.

They Matter if You Make Them Topical

If you want to infuse your meta keywords with relevance and life, it is necessary to focus your keyword strategy around the topics of your online content. The reason is that if you remain in the traditional mode of choosing a myriad variation of your keywords, definitely they will lose meaning and value as search engines focus more on the searchers’ intents. To do this better, it is prudent to try answering the questions that your searchers might be having and see if they can lead to the discovery of your website at every stage of their search.

SEO keywords still play a significant role in the way people search for and discover your website. As long as you know where to use them optimally, use them topically, and diversify the way you use them, you can be sure of making the best out of these keywords.