Speech writing is one of the assignments you will face during your journey in college. But what are the secrets of writing good speeches? If you are struggling with your speech writing, we have compiled this post to help you write a perfect speech. In our guide, we will share out speech writing tips that will enrich your skills in this genre of assignment.


Start Strong

All first impressions matter. When writing the best speeches, start strong to create a lasting impression that will allow your readers to stay with your speech. To achieve this ideal, open with a catchy statement that hooks your readers to attract their attention, as well as arouse and retain their interest in your speech. But how do you utilize good hooks for speeches? You can begin by making a promise and teasing or tickling them. By abiding with these tips on how to start a speech, you will have a stronger footing to propel you to success.

Spice Up Your Speech

A speech is not an academic writing, and hence, the need to spice it with flowery language that will keep your listeners on their toes. To do this, you can use metaphors and similes to keep your readers on their heels and keep them thinking.

Use the Active Voice

Another key how to write a persuasive speech that will help you to write a great speech is using the active voice. By writing your speech using the active voice, you make it livelier. Additionally, the active voice allows you to you put yourself into the speech since the listener does not remain guessing who did what. For instance, if you say, “Today, you will learn about …you will be taken through the necessary steps to….” you deny your listeners the verdure they need to extract from the speech. Instead, write it this way, “Today, I will teach you about…I will take you through the necessary steps to…” Looking at the two statements, the passive one removes the speaker and listener from the picture while the second one puts the speaker and the listener in the center. This is how the active voice comes in as one of the secrets on how to make a best speech.

Use Concrete Words and Examples


Another secret on how to write a speech requires you use concrete details that will keep your listeners interested. Just look at the two sentences to see the difference:

A vague statement:

In this town, playgrounds for our kids are in search supply

A concrete and specific statement:

In this town, we need more sporting fields for our kids to engage in different games

Understand That Great Speeches are Primarily Emotional, Not Logical

When writing speeches on easy persuasive speech topics for college students, understand that a speech is primarily emotional. Therefore, you don’t need to use the emotional front to establish a logical position. On the contrary, it needs to be an emotional assignment using logic to reach to the hearts of listeners.

Write it the Way You Would Speak it

Since you are writing a speech, do so as if you are delivering the speech in person. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that you are not writing an essay that people will read by a message that will enter people’s minds and hearts using their ears. When writing, you can use the following approach:

  • Write short sentences and avoid complex expressions
  • Use contractions as much as it is necessary to make your speech brief and less formal
  • Do not use any expressions you would not use in your regular conversations with the same people you are addressing. Keep off the “big words” trap

Get Your Facts Together

To write a successful speech on good informative speech topics, you have to get your facts together. Therefore, it is necessary to get all your facts correct by researching the area you are going to address your audience on. This way, your speeches on good persuasive speech topics will give your audience value for their time.

Strike the Right Tone

Besides using an informative speech outline, it is prudent to consider your audience. For instance, if your listeners need entertainment, a challenge, motivation, information, or a vote of thanks, you have to tailor it to meet those needs and expectations. This way, other components of effective speech writing such as a great speech outline template and tips on how to memorize a speech will find meaning.

Speech writing is not a rocket science preserved for a few experts. As long as you know or are willing to abide by the speech how-to secrets we have disclosed in this post, you too can get you name on the list of successful speech writers.