This is a sample essay on positive psychology, composed and formatted in the APA referencing style. As you can see, the formatted title page contains the running head (the words “running head” are mandatory for the APA titlepage, and then you give the name of your essay in all caps, maximum 50 characters in length). After the running head, there is the essay’s full title and template sections to be filled by you – your name and the name of your institution.

Then goes the first page of the essay containing the starting parts of the essay about positive psychology as an instrument of fostering well-being of Asian American students. The first paragraph of my essay contains a brief introduction into the demographics of this ethnic group in the USA, showing that it is a significant portion of the US population and thus attracting attention to the problem of their well-being. The second paragraph continues with the topic of demographic changes in the USA and a gradual decrease of the white Caucasian population of Americans, coherently passing on to the steady growth of Asian American population and correspondingly increasing needs to cater for their mental health needs.  

I am not giving the entire essay here, but provide the reference list I used for making this essay evidence-based and well-argumented. You are free to use it as your guidance in the construction of your own APA essays in psychology. Please also turn your attention to the density of quotations – according to academic writing requirements, the golden standard is two references per paragraph, while a paragraph should contain at least 3 sentences. Follow these tips to make your essays graded higher! If you want me to write an essay like this for you, contact me today and we’ll discuss the terms of work.