Here is a sample of an outline I can complete for your dissertation. As you can see, a detailed description is given only for the first two chapters here because I did not go into the depths of methodology design in this sample. If you have a clear understanding of your methodology and have already selected the method of research, then the outline will have more details in the methods, results, and discussion part.

Thus, in a consulting order for a structure of a dissertation I usually do the following (depending on how much information you already have and the amount of detail you can provide):

  • A detailed structure of the introduction (this is a starting point of any research, so here I usually confidently guide you through all sections)
  • A plan for the literature review (I can make it larger than you need, for you to select parts you consider truly necessary)
  • On demand: I can also structure your conceptual/theoretical framework if you have such a section in the study. I select relevant theories and include a couple of words on how these theories fit into your study
  • A plan for the methodology (if you have a clear understanding the method, or you don’t have any ideas and leave it to my discretion). Here you get an outline of sections, what information each of them should include, suggestions for instruments of research and population/sampling issues. I also outline the possible ways of data collection and analysis, and give a list of relevant limitations and ethical considerations for you to discuss in the chapter.

Since results, discussion, and conclusion are mostly unpredictable parts that are written based on actual collected data, I can give only a loose structure of what should be there. If you have trouble structuring them after you have already collected data – turn to me and I will review your data and give more concrete recommendations on this final part of the study.

That’s actually it! As you may see from the screenshot, with such a structured presentation, your study becomes logically organized and much more transparent than it used to be. If you need more detailed guidance, I can select sources for each section as well – contact me with your specific problem, and we will find a way to make it work best.