Here is a sample of an essay I composed on a Legal Science topic, referenced in the OSCOLA style. Many students fear footnoting styles, and I find it fully understandable, since it is a tedious and hard task to format and organize all references like that. However, as you can see from this essay, I am quite well-tuned to OSCOLA (this is only one sample, I can also handle your essays and papers in the Oxford, BlueBook, or CMS referencing styles). So, if you have trouble writing an essay with a footnote referencing style, turn to me for assistance, and I will make your assignment look perfect for submission.

The title page, as you can see, is traditionally formatted according to universal conventions of APA style (but if you have your own university’s requirements for a title page, then surely follow them Рotherwise, your supervisor will deduct grades for inattention). Since this essay relates to the legal perspective on assisted suicide from the viewpoint of the Human Rights Law, I started the introduction to this essay with a famous quote of a human rights advocate РJean Jacques Rousseau Рto strengthen my point and give a coherent foundation for further discussion of human rights.

After the introduction to human rights, I crafted a transition to the topic of assisted suicide by highlighting the difference between treatment of the human right to life and death. This transition gave me a chance for a smooth transition to the key topic, which I continued in the following paragraphs. Here, I provide only a fragment of my sample for your guidance purposes, and give a sample of how the reference list is formatted – you may follow these conventions when writing your OSCOLA paper