Here you may find a sample of an executive-level resume. What’s so special about this resume type and who needs it? As its title suggests, the executive resume is needed to high-rank executives or employees with an extensive record of accomplishments aspiring to take an executive position. Stakes are high in this field, and you can maximize your chances for success by making a flawless resume.

Here are some specifics of making an executive-level resume:

  • Focus on achievements rather than a simple work history
  • Clearly show your instrumental role in the company
  • Make your soft skills profound – they are universally important for all executives
  • Show how you can save the company’s money, reduce costs, improve processes, save time, etc. – this is what any company wants from its executives
  • Make it clear that you are an experienced expert with strong problem-solving skills and critical thinking (this combination enables executives not only to solve existing issues, but also to identify underlying problems and bottlenecks).

Keep in mind that an executive resume generally looks similar to other resume types (except for the impressive achievements section), but it has to hit harder to win you a position. So, think over every word and every fact in the resume to make it outstanding, or contact me for assistance – I am an experienced resume writer knowing what a great executive-level resume should look like!