A cover letter is a trusted companion of any resume or CV. This is your opportunity to make a personal introduction to the HR manager or employer, and its primary function is to add a personal touch to the application. Recruiters see dozens (if not hundreds) of applications each day, and your primary task is to make them see a personality behind your documents. In such a way, your chances to get an invitation to the job interview rise proportionately.

So, here I provide two samples of cover letters for your consideration. As you can see, the cover letter should in any way have a concise structure, mandatory for following in all job applications. Here are the basic components:

  • Introductory section including information about the vacancy to which you are applying
  • The second paragraph (main body of the letter) summarizing your qualifications and fit for the job
  • A conclusion wrapping up all your information and including a call to action – indication of your wish to discuss the vacancy closer at a personal meeting.

The hardest about writing a cover letter is to make it both professionally sounding and personally warm. To make a winning shot with a cover letter, keep in mind that you should achieve a proper balance between your personal features and employer’s needs. Thus, the major emphasis should be on the employer, things you can do for the company, ways in which you will contribute to its success, etc.

Look at my samples as guidance – they follow the discussed structure and contain all necessary elements. if you need such a cover letter, contact me and I will produce a professionally looking letter for your job search needs!