Here is a sample of my work done for you in case you order sources’ collection. I included a sample order’s description for you to see which task exactly was posed. Here, I have a clear estimate of the source types needed: books and journal articles. In case these requirements are not stipulated, I discuss this with you or make a personal selection if you leave it to my discretion.

In any way, when working on resources’ selection, I focus on the following criteria:

  • All sources have to be reputable – no Wikipedia, no commercial websites
  • All sources are published by authors with a reputation and credentials in their professional field
  • I combine seminal sources (foundational sources – opinion leaders or those who generated a theory, initiated some field of study, etc.) with later empirical research
  • I follow all requirements of the task – if you need only quantitative articles – OK, if you need sources published within the past 5 years – no problem.

As you can see, based on your concise, clear instructions about the type of sources, I can make a strong foundation for your study. I have access to EBSCO host, but if you need specific sources from your library, I will ask you to share access details with me (confidential and ethical use thereof is guaranteed!).