Here you can see a snapshot of my sample argumentative essay on the subject of GMO products’ range of impacts on the people and the environment. As it may be seen, the MLA-style essays do not have a separate title page, and you only have to include some specific information about your name, your instructor’s name, the course title, and the date of submission into the head of the first page. The format also requires the inclusion of page number and your last name in the header, so please mind that when submitting your MLA papers.

In this argumentative essay, I first introduced the topic and underlined the existing lack of agreement on the subject of GMOs – whether they are good or bad for us and for the planet. I substantiated every made claim with a source, so that the tutor knows that it is not only a person opinion, there are published authoritative sources that also think this way. I also kept to the “golden rule” of minimum 2 references per paragraph – this sufficient enough for a regular essay.

After introducing both points, I proceeded to the presentation of each opinion in more detail in several consecutive paragraphs. In an argumentative essay, it is crucial to give enough space to both opposite opinions – this will show that you are a professional researcher, an unbiased person giving credit to both sides, but finding one of them stronger. At the end, I am providing a sample reference list of how sources are formatted in essays written in the MLA style – you may also use it as guidance when composing your own essay. If you want me to make the work of similar quality level for you, do not hesitate to contact me – I will write a perfect MLA essay for your educational needs!