They say that a picture speaks louder a thousand words, and that is true. With YouTube coming in as the “King of motion images,” it is fair to give Instagram its deserved title as the “King of photos.” With more than 400 million active users worldwide, it is suicidal for any person who wants to harness the power of the eye to boost their business growth to ignore Instagram. Moreover, it is a popular hub where millenials spend most of their time viewing images.

Additionally, users here are more likely to like and share content than their Facebook and Twitter users. The reason is that people respond to images faster than they respond to text. Since Instagram is essentially a photobased platform, you would not need special prayers to know why it attracts more comments and likes than other platforms. If you doubt, try this experiment on Facebook. First, post a text post, at least 300 words, and a hot photo simultaneously. Come later and compare the number of likes and comments the text post got and the ones the image got and then spot the difference. With these facts at your fingertips, the remaining concern here is how to use this platform to grow your business. Read on to find valuable insights to boost your business’s growth.

Post Quality Images

Since pictures are your primary tool for navigating this platform, you have to post pics that will attract people’s attention and make viewers want to share them. To get real greater engagement with your audience, it is prudent to offer your audience excellent design and value.

Establish a Dedicated Business Account

If you want to succeed in your campaigns to drive your business’s growth and sales, it is great to create a dedicated account for your business. You should be wise enough to differentiate between posting photos of your last visit to the beach and those that will drive attention to your business. If you want to get sales that will drive growth, then you should shift your focus from the desire to get “likes” and do what it takes to get sales and brand loyalty. Taking such a professional approach will help you to achieve better results.

Size Your Photos Professionally

Still building on the professional note you had started by setting up a dedicated business account, it is prudent to post professional images. You have to stop posting mediocre images and embrace professionally shot pics. If you want to crop an image, then do so professionally so that the photos don’t appear as if they survived “a dog attack” that attempted to rip and tear them off. Make sure that you save your photos at double their resolution so that they can maintain their quality.

Less is Best

Even though Instagram is a picturebased platform, you ought to accompany your photos with crispy and relevant texts that describe your offers and tell the viewer how you want them to respond. However, be careful so that you don’t flood your audience with too much information. Just make sure that the message is unforgettable, short, and clear to the point. If you end up engaging the reader in length discussion, be sure that your search for growth will suffer since text is supposed to help your readers focus on the images, and take the appropriate action you want them to take.

Use Strong Calls-to-Action

Since you took to Instagram to find an avenue for boosting growth, you should be point blank with what you want your audience to do with your postings. This approach is needful when posting comments, pictures, and bios. The reason why we are emphasizing this point is that some companies are good at making looseended posts without telling their target audiences what they want.

For instance, you may take advantage of your bio section and use it to make powerful callstoaction that direct your viewers to your sales pages. Additionally, you can direct them to your home page if you want them to sign up for a subscription of something like that. For those dealing in physical goods, it is also necessary to direct people to your shop or online outlet where they can buy them. Whichever tool you use, make sure that the message is clear or else you will end up wasting your time and energy promoting posts that do not convert to growth.

Instagram is a powerful platform for those businesses seeking to boost their growth using the social media. It presents you with a twoedged sword where you can harness the power of quality snaps with short and witty callstoaction to drive growth. We believe that the ideas we have shared in this post will help you to maximize your Instagram postings for better business growth.