Writing a good resume that will bolster your chances of securing an interview or even landing your dream job requires skill and tact. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to all the details that need to go into your resume. But despite the importance of this document, many job hunters still face many challenges in their way to writing a resume that will boost their chances of employment. That is why I am here to offer you the help you need to write a great CV through my professional resume writing services. Join me in this journey of discovery to find out how best you can write your next resume or how I can come in to help you do it even better.

Types of Resumes

Good resumes come in different forms. All these categories are intended to help you achieve different goals. Here are the main categories under which these resumes fall.


This type of resume takes a conventional form, making it one of the most common genres of CVs you will come across. One of the biggest advantages of this type of resume is that it is flexible and you can use it irrespective of your level of professional experience. When you intend to underscore your upward career mobility and apply to jobs within similar fields, this format is the best for you. In addition, you can use it to show your vertical career progression. However, it you have any significant gaps in your job history, it is not the best tool for applying to jobs. Additionally, it is not ideal for use when you change jobs frequently.


With this type of resume, you have a better tool that focuses on your abilities and skills. If you intend to emphasize your personal qualifications, then you will need to use this format. Additionally, it is the best format to use when applying for jobs at the level of an expert. For an applicant who intends to change their career industry, or underscore a certain combination of skills, then this is the best tool for doing that. Additionally, if you have gaps in your job history, this format is still an ideal option to use. But if you don’t have developed skills at the expert level, you don’t have to use this method since it may work against you. In addition, it is not the best format to use when you are a novice in your career. If you are seeking to underscore your upwards movement in career mobility, it is also prudent to avoid this type of resume.


This kind of resume is a hybrid of the two formats I have shared in the previous paragraphs. If you want to get the better of the two types of resumes, then you ought to use this format. You it will be necessary to use it if you need to focus on particular qualifications. In addition, it is the best for those applicants who have a great wealth of experience in a particular field of profession. If you seek to change your career and industry, then you will find it an ideal tool for communicating with your prospective employers. However, it is not the best instrument to use for those who are interested in showcasing their academic qualifications. In addition, if you are still a rookie in your career, this format may not help you much.

How to Choose a Resume Writing Service

Since we have many resume or purported resume writers out there, how can you choose a writer who will give you the best? As CPRW-certified resume writer, I believe you need to consider the following criteria when choosing a good CV provider:

Differentiate between a clerical and resume service provider

Even though many clerical service providers may claim to help you to process your resume at a fair price, their services are not different from advanced typing experts. If you want to a great resume, you need an expert who will write it with a marketing instinct that is targeted at the industry you are applying a job in. An expert like me will advise you on the latest trends that are ruling that industry and the keywords you need to make your CV more relevant in that field. Additionally, such an expert can even advise you on how best to deal with the pitfalls that could be inherent in your job history.

Ask for free consultation

Before settling for the expert who will do you a great resume, you have to request for a free and short meeting in person or on phone. This way, you will get time to test and know the strategies that he or she intends to use in addressing your unique needs. If they cannot offer you such straight answers, then you will need to look somewhere else.

Look for affordability

At the end of the day, all quality work needs to be tagged to a reasonable price tag you can afford to pay at your level. For instance, when dealing with bigger companies, they will definitely charge you higher since they have bigger overheads. But the advantage of dealing with an expert like me is that I have no employees I pay, and hence, you enjoy better quality at lower prices.

Go for a targeted resume

In an already crowded market place, you cannot afford to go for a haphazard resume that targets nothing. Therefore, you go for a writing expert who will focus on your themes, measurable milestones, and career goals.

Resume writing is a critical stage in your quest to secure an employment that will get you to the next level of your career development. By using my resume writing services, you can take your search to the next level of possibility. You can bank on my fair prices and vast experience in this field to enjoy the best resume writing service. To make sure I am really able to suit your resume writing needs, look through samples in my portfolio or contact me for a free consultation. I am available today for all your resume needs.