Whether you are dealing with an argumentative essay or a persuasive essay, essays are an integral pillar in your entire assessment process. That is why I am here to offer help when you need it most in whatever type of essay assignments you are handling. Whenever you need to write an effective essay, my arms are wide open to assist with all types of essays I will discuss here. As an experienced academic writer, I can write an essay step by step to boost your grades. So, do you want to learn about the main types of essays with which I can assist you? Read on.

Four Major Types of Essays

Here are four major essay types everyone comes across during studies. Selecting the essay type depends on whether you want to tell a story, describe an event, explain a process, pass on beneficial knowledge, or define an object or idea. But what constitutes the difference between these four types of essays? Essentially, everything boils down to one word—purpose.

Descriptive Essays: Show me the story

This type of essay is closely related to the descriptive essay genre. When handling it, you paint pictures using words. Here, you can describe persons, objects, memories, and even places. However, the aim of this essay does not end with the description. It goes further to share deeper meanings with the reader by using descriptions. In this kind of essay, we can also say that the writer is supposed to engage in “storyshowing” since they do not just tell, but they also show. Here, you are supposed to use your wordsmith genius to paint sensory pictures using five human senses.

Narrative Essays: Tell me the story

With this kind of essay, you are supposed to remember and apply your mother or grandmother’s storytelling skills. Here, you will need to narrate reallife experiences. When dealing with this type of essays, give it a casual blend by approaching it from the first-person angle and involving the reader with all types of vivid approaches. Additionally, a great narrative essay should build up slowly towards a logical conclusion or personal statement. In the end, it should show your readers what you learnt from the experience as a way of validating your thesis statement.

Expository Essays: Show me the facts

When dealing with this type of essay, it is good to supply the reader with one thing — facts. Present your essay in a systematic manner that gives your readers a balanced analysis of the topic you are handling. Here, you should explain or define topics using accurate facts, stats, and examples. Under this genre, you can pass on the information in the form of contrasting or comparing objects, showing readers how to conduct processes, or revealing the relationship between causes and effects. The last thing you need to note about these types of essays is that the use of your emotions and first-person expressions are undesirable.


Persuasive Essays: Persuade me


Lastly, we have the persuasive essay genre. When dealing with these essay assignments, you will take the same path as with their expository cousins. However, in this case you will be aiming at persuading the reader to accept your personal stand on the facts you are presenting. In short, you will use the information to “sell” your personal position regarding the information you have discussed.

Obviously, this list contains four generic essay types, and you may come across many more kinds of essay assignments such as:

  • Scholarship essay
  • Admission/application essay
  • Personal essay
  • Critical essay
  • Compare-and-contrast essay
  • Definition essay
  • Cause-and-effect essay
  • Process essay
  • Argumentative essay.  

I am experienced in writing all of them, which you can see from some portfolio samples and my blog posts about essays. For client confidentiality purposes, I cannot show you all kinds of essays I did for my customers, but the good side of this is that your work will also remain confidential!

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