Where do you get your ideas for your blogging activities? Do you get stuck with your blog articles because you don’t have enough ideas to jumpstart you? If you do, then you do not need to worry since we have myriads of sources you can consult to get timely ideas to help you go on with your blogging articles. In this post, we shall share some of the top ten sources of blogging ideas. Read on to learn more.


If you appreciate the fundamental fact that your readers are the reason for your blogs, then begin there.  The reason is that your writing should address the needs of your readers, and not just what you know or want to write about. To succeed here, you have to be sensitive enough to ask the readers what they need. If one reader asks a question, be sure that they are doing it on behalf of hundreds of other readers who did not ask the same question. You can also harness the power of reader emails, comments on your blog posts, and social media.

Use YouTube

As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube is another great place to get ideas for your articles. You can start by entering your topic and seeing what viewers are watching on this channel. By looking at the kind of videos people are watching, you can get a bearing on what you can write about in that category.

Use Social Media Groups

Social media platforms have different groups that discuss various topics. You can utilize sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to get a feel of what people are struggling with and position your posts to meet those needs.

Popular Magazine Covers

Popular cover magazines are other wonderful sources of inspiration. You can get a head start in your writing process by researching these magazines to get an idea of what they are covering in a given field at a particular time. This way, you will be in a better position to get in touch with what readers need. The reason is that such magazines invest heavily in researching topics and ideas before writing about them. As a wise blogger, you only need to take the gist of what they are tackling and tailor your own blog to meet your audience.


Practical Life Lessons and Stories

Never ignore the power of experience and stories. You have to harness the experiences you had with something you believe your readers are still struggling with. For instance, if you are a freelance writer, you can take stock of your journey from the beginning to where you are. By sharing your lessons, mistakes, and experiences you encountered along the way, you will get enough and valid materials to inspire your readers.

Participate in Forums

Forums are other key places where you can get ideas for your next blog article. If you want to write something in the medical niche, participate in relevant forums and look for questions and answers that dominate them. This way, you will be in an advantageous position to get a clear bearing on what your audience needs.

Google Search Suggestions

Google search suggestions offer another sure way of generating content ideas for any topic you may want to blog about. All you need to do is to search Google’s search box for a list of suggested searches. You can play around with the topics you want to blog about and other related terms to come up with ideas for your content.

Evergreen Content

If you want to stay relevant in your blogging, consider taking the evergreen path. The reason is that life has neverchanging constants that are necessary for facilitating other changes. For instance, an area like taking care of your healthy during pregnancy is evergreen since every day pregnant women or those who plan to conceive look for answers in this area.

Spin Off Other Posts

To get ideas for your blogging content, you can turn to the posts other respected bloggers have posted. All you need is to take and spin them into customized posts that meet your readers’ needs.

People You Follow on Social Media

Lastly, you can generate ideas for your posts by looking at what the people you follow on the social media post about. These can be your favorite or potential clients. By watching what they share or reply to, you can get ideas to blog on.

Getting ideas for your blog articles is a critical stage for your writing processes as long as you get them from reliable sources. With the sources we have shared in this post, we believe you are now better placed to get timely and relevant ideas for your next blog.